Revolutionizing HealthCare One Technology at a Time

MCG is used by physicians for:

  • Quantitative early detection of ischemia before primary risk of infarction (i.e 40-50% coronary artery narrowing)
  • Rapid, objective, accurate report to aid physician’s diagnosis
  • A stress & radiation-free solution for effortless POC diagnosis.

Advanced Signal Analysis and Data Processing
The MCG ECG analysis system uses state of the art signal processing technology to amplify, digitize, and average ECG signal. The data is then sent to Premier Heart via a secure connection, where our servers perform an extensive analysis using proprietary algorithms and compare the results to our database of over 40,000 patients to provide differential diagnoses. The final report is made available through a secure web application.

Development on other applications of MCG technology includes:

  1. Non-invasive detection of the various causes of myocardial ischemia for all physician work settings.
  2. Measuring the degree of functional deteriorations due to ischemia and/or other pathologies of the myocardium.
  3. Providing IT infrastructures with a central database for clinical trials with a focus on Clinical Computational Electrophysiology.
  4. Development of new diagnosis algorithms for myocardial infarction, ventricular hypertrophies, cardiomyopathies and congenital heart anomalies.
  5. Development of new monitoring systems to quantify the changes of myocardial response to disease progression or therapeutic agents.
  6. Conducting population studies to understand the distribution of diseases and disease severity in populations of interest for objective determination on the effectiveness of various life-style interventions of therapies.
  7. Development of a newborn population database for the early and accurate detection of functional myocardial deterioration due to congenital anomalies.
  8. Establishing a central population-specific database for the research and development of new devices and therapies beyond the 21st century.

Secure, Reliable Foundation
Premier Heart’s technology builds upon proven Open Source technologies to ensure security and reliability.

MCG client systems run a customized Linux distribution, which operates as an internet appliance, eliminating the risk of exposure to viruses and malware.

Premier Heart’s servers are secured through a three-tier firewall structure, with strict controls protecting all confidential patient data at both the network and application levels. Their main analysis servers are fully redundant, and are housed in a secure datacenter with N+1 power, cooling and connectivity.

Encrypted backups are routinely made to a secure off-site facility, and in the event of a major incident at the primary facility disaster recovery plans are in place to allow us to resume normal operations quickly.

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